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WGADNETWORKS is a private business that assists independent musicians in getting there music before the masses. WGADMUSIC gives the independent musician a home to upload content, keep fans notified, and submit music to be broadcast on WGADNETWORKS sites and affiliates sites..
Is this for free?
Yes and No. Anyone can join for free. We offer upgraded membership levels. All accounts from Free to Platnum are allowed to submit music to be played along the WGADNETWORKS network.
Levels of Membership
Free--This is our most basic account. Users have the ability to post updates for fans. Upload photos, music, and submit music for rotation on WGADNETWORKS.
Copper-- $25.00 US, Bronze-- $35.00 US, Silver-- $45.00 US, Gold-- $55.00 US, Platnum--$100.00 US Each of these is explained in more detail after you join by creating your free account. Once in your profile you can select the different packages and compare available options.
How does WGADNETWORKS and WGADMUSIC help promote member musicians?
WGADNETMUSIC puts your audio and video files into our rotations. These rotated streams are heard by thousands hourly. Your audio music is put into a genre catagory and is played throughout the day along with other music in the same catagory. Fans can visit the catagory/genre page and request to hear members music on our internet radio station. They can also VOD your videos from our video page. WGADNETWORKS is the distributor side. Your music is submited to other internet radio broadcasters, several music TV stations, over the air radio broadcasters, and network TV execs looking for music to use in their television programs. Depending on membership level.
Am I giving up my rights on my music?
No way, Never! It's yours! We would never claim ownership to any of the works you submit to us. You do give us the right to use, promote and submit your music. Read the T.O.S., if you have any concerns.
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